Friday, July 03, 2009

So, Just to Clarify, Soon-to-be-Ex-Governor Palin...

You are failing to complete a designated term in office which you actively sought, campaigned for, convinced backers and fundraisers to help you finance, won, and have been supposedly occupying, so that you can "campaign for other candidates"? That's what you apparently told Nick Ayers of the Republican Governors Association.

According to Ayers, you want to expand your role in the Republican Party. So you figured the best way to do that was to quit doing the job you convinced voters to elect you to, leaving them kind of in the lurch. Good thinking, sister. Quitting midstream is usually the most effective way to show people you're a hard-working and innovative leader.

Ma'am, either you are one shallow, parsimonious paper tiger, or you're a liar. I guess we'll find out which in the next few days. But let me tell you this: if you aren't a liar, and the Republican Party chooses you as the leading voice of their party, it deserves every bad thing that happens to it. Much like your checkered academic career, your checkered pre-gubernatorial employment history and your checkered resume with regard to telling any form of the truth, this move is just another side-step in the career of someone who just can't be bothered to finish what she starts. If ever there were a poster girl for failing upward, you have proven to be that.

Until now. I hope and pray that this moment will be your political Waterloo, and you will stay out of the public eye forever, turning into the pop culture joke you deserve to be, like Anna Nichol Smith and that Shamwow pitch guy who beat up the hooker. Please... on behalf of all of us... do not let the screen door handle hit you on your way out.


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