Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Would That Quitting Would Be Political Suicide

I'd like to think that Sarah Palin, after her very public "turn-tail-and-run" expedition last Friday, would henceforth be about as politically relevant as H. Ross Perot*. Unfortunately, I have very little faith in conservative America's ability to remember past last week. Re-electing George W. Bush in 2004 solidified my theory that the average Republican has the memory span of a Mayfly.

Also, because of the sheer lack of depth in their political dugout, the Republicans lack the star power to replace her. This was my secret fear. It was the nagging little voice that whispered somewhere behind my left mastoid region as I watched liberals and conservatives alike say that Palin was done in politics forever.

"Yeah," I told myself. "She's so over."

As I'm often fond of saying, "It's the little lies we tell ourselves that are the most tragic."

Roger Simon at Politico confirmed my silent, unspoken fears with this opinion piece on why Palin can't be through in Republican politics. Until there's someone to eclipse her epic (though inane) status, she remains the only "A-lister" they have. Not that I wouldn't like to see her go up against Barack Obama in 2012. His numbers, though dipping due to the slogging economy, are still fairly high, and people continue to express faith in his ability to eventually turn things around. If anyone is upset with the Obama Administration, in fact, it's us, the liberals, who've watched Rahm Emanuel water down every piece of legislation to pander to MOR and Conservo-Dems in order to avoid being killed in Congress. (I say, let Democratic senators vote down health care legislation that doesn't include a public option. Speaking of career death knells....) And I guarantee you, no matter how pissed off Dems are with this current administration, they ain't votin' for Sarah Palin. Ever.

But that's hardly fair to the roughly forty-something percent of the population that still identify themselves as Republican. Shouldn't the party be working hard to find their own personal Obama, rather trying to pump some kind of life into Palin, a professional victim, or Newt Gingrich, a washed-up windbag?

So, no, dear ones. For the moment, our little Sarah will go on crying in her beer because someone's been mean to her in order to appear to be the little princess in the castle who needs to be rescued. I'm just hoping for the day when someone can come along and pull up the drawbridge and board up the windows once and for all.


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