Friday, September 25, 2009

Poor Pitiful Little Comma C.

How sad your little life must be if you are still proofreading my posts from over a month ago for missing/extra commas and typos! And all the while, totally missing the point. But then, if I were left to wallow in the middle-class mediocrity of suburban Detroit, as you are, I might look for any distraction I could, just to survive the day.

Then again, maybe you didn't miss the point of the original blog post. Maybe you've gotten the point all too clearly. Perhaps that's why you're so bitter and petty. Maybe no institute of higher learning will have you. Unless, of course, they have an M.A. in Proofreading. They probably do somewhere. You should hit the search engines. I'd start with the University of Phoenix. That sounds just about right for you.



P.S. As long as you're too chicken-shit to post with a real e-mail or URL, you're never getting a comment posted on my blog. Did I remember all the commas in that post, sweetie? Huh, honey-pie? Did I, darling? Here, let me run spell check again, sugar, just to make sure I haven't misspelled anything, you craven, simpering little coward. Wait, I can't recall. Is there supposed to be a comma between "craven" and "simpering"? Oh, golly, punkin, it's all so confusing to me. Even with my MFA.

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