Saturday, September 05, 2009

Al Franken Explains It All For You

Senator Al Franken has an impromptu town hall meeting at the Minnesota State Fair, where he was accosted by tea party Republicans who had staked out his booth, demanding he vote their way on health care.   In moments, Franken used his likability and sensibility to calm the crowd and actually engage in a productive, sane, reasonable discussion about health care.  Even when the tea partyers wanted to make the problem about immigrants or an insufficient amount of doctors, Franken kept his cool, listened to their questions and explained his position and how he intends to vote.

THIS is a town hall meeting, people.  Nobody screaming, or biting, or shrieking or yelling racist invectives against the President, or blaming Mexicans for higher health care costs.

Thank God this man finally made it to the Senate.  May he stay a long, long time.  Long enough to fill the gap left by Ted Kennedy.


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