Monday, September 28, 2009

Woman Goes Blind to Save Daughters' Eyesight

A mother suffering from a genetic disorder that is destroying her eyesight has chosen to forego treatment in order to reserve insurance funds for her daughters, who also suffer from the condition.

I'm pretty sure this is all her fault. After all... if she has a genetic condition that causes blindness, should she have even had children? I mean, seriously... wasn't that kind of financially irresponsible of her? I think Rahm Emanuel is right... let's wait on the public option until some kind of serious crisis in the current state of healthcare occurs to "trigger" a public option. Something life-altering... I don't know... like... maybe... SOMEONE GOING BLIND!!!!!

Someday, Rahm Emanuel is going to have a nice, cozy little seat in Hell, right beside Eric Cantor.  Gee, I hope they get along.


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