Friday, October 16, 2009

Schoolhouse Rock

It is the blog for the BEST kid's chorus on the planet.  And I say that with absolutely no equivocation.

Staten Island's PS22 Chorus consists of 60 or so fifth-graders who, under the direction of music teacher Gregg Breinberg, have jumped to prominence, thanks to their videos on YouTube, and mentions by Perez Hilton on his blog, and Ashton Kutcher, on Twitter. 

Most of the kids in this chorus are not growing up with music lessons or even much art at all in their house.  They're from underprivileged working class households in tough neighborhoods. Breinberg (whom the kids lovingly call "Mr. B.") has taken these kids and brought them out of their world and shown them that they can shine.  And they do. Much is made of their covers of Tori Amos' hits (Breinberg is a huge fan of Amos), but my favorite so far (and there are many, many videos left to see) is their joyous, unrestrained cover of Lady Gaga's JUST DANCE.

This article gives a little more in-depth story of Breinberg and the kids.

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