Friday, March 26, 2010

Dear GOP Congressfolks

If you really believe that repealing health care reform is the way to go, then you have to vote your consciences.  But I just would like to know what you plan to tell the families whose children have been denied health insurance because they have asthma, or the elderly people who have had to half their prescribed medication dosages because of the Plan D donut hole. What do you plan to say to those people? Because I'm thinking that fighting to take away the advantages that this bill provides those people by November of this year, and then saying, "I did it for your own good," especially when you have insurance plans we pay for, might not be the ideal campaign strategy for your next election.

But, you know what? I totally understand that the enormous campaign contributions you've received from companies like Wellpoint and United Health and Anthem are difficult to turn away from, even if it's to provide some kind of solace to the people whose votes you seek.  So you just go on ahead and vote to repeal that health care reform, futile though it may be.

Personally, I'm looking forward to hearing your campaign speeches in the next few years.

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