Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Operation: Iraqi Freedom is Over.

As of this writing, MSNBC reports that the last 440 combat soldiers, accompanied by embedded MSNBC correspondent, the remarkable and incredible Richard Engel, are less than a half an hour from the Kuwaiti border, thus ending Operation: Iraqi Freedom.

All remaining Americans are strictly on an advisory capacity, mostly technicians and office workers, as well as independent contractors overseeing the restoration of infrastructure and utility service.  Unlike Viet Nam, Americans are operating under strict orders not to engage in combat, other than in self-defense.

MSNBC has complete coverage, including Engel, embedded with the troups, and Rachel Maddow in Baghdad.

To mangle a well-known line from literature: This is not the end of the beginning, but merely the beginning of the end.

P.S. Keith Olbermann just used my "beginning of the end" line. Stealer....

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