Monday, January 03, 2011

Know Why Atlas Shrugged? Because He Read This Book & Even He Couldn't Care Less!

Why on Earth anyone would want to make a movie of this turkey of a book, I'll never know.  I broke up with a guy who told me that Ayn Rand was his favorite author and personal hero, and this book was her best in his eyes. I liked this guy... a LOT. But when I read this book, knowing it was the foundation for his entire belief system -- and it was sheer torture, let me tell you -- I knew our relationship would never work.  I set him free, so he could find someone else (preferably someone who'd never made the mistake of reading Ayn Rand).

What a piece of nihilistic horse poo!  And now someone's gone and made a movie about it? Why? Because the Tea Party is so popular? Because Ron and Rand Paul are such popular cultural icons? Oh, my God.... People... peoplepeoplepeople... It's enough to turn a hard-believing Buddhist back to the baby Jesus.  This woman, Ayn Rand, was not only a political and cultural crackpot, she was the one thing I can never... EVER forgive. And you know what this, don't you, my darlings.  Yes... that's correct... She was a sucky writer.  That is never to be borne.

Amy Adams should thank her lucky stars every day that she lost the part of Dagny (DAGNY? What kind of a stupid name is that? Only a woman born with a perfectly fine name like Alisa Rosenbaum, who then went and renamed herself something pretentious like "Ayn Rand" would invent such a stupid name!). Our beloved Amy dodged a bullet there.

Seriously, people... if the Tea Party and the Pauls are to be blamed for any one thing more heinous than anything else they've done, it would be bringing this nihilistic, artistically bereft piece of crap back into the spotlight.

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  1. Oh thank God. I read this piece of shite in college. I heard it being discussed like Shakespeare at a coffee shop one day and I just thought "What the hell did I miss?" I hate her writing. I'd rather read about salmon swimming upstream. Again.


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