Thursday, October 13, 2011

iCreative v.2.0

Someone needs to invent a software that creates ideas. No, I mean, creates them -- out of whole cloth -- from nothing.  Because as I sit perched precariously on the brink of my third attempt at NaNoWriMo, I have nary a one.  I can't write the novel I'm in the process of writing -- that breaks the rules.  So, I have to come up with something fresh and new.  I've consulted my brainstorming journal -- the one where I furiously jot down any wild-hair notions that pop into my brain.  But most of those ideas are either short story premises or creative non-fiction essay ideas.

I need a software where I can plug in three random things -- an avocado, a martini glass and the Tibetan book of the Dead, say -- hit "generate" and have the idea software grind them up into a plausible idea for a novel.  Then present me with the idea, preferably one that begins something like "It's about this guy/girl who...."

See, now that Steve Jobs is dead, I don't imagine anyone will be conceiving such a software.  I have considered sending the idea to Applied Minds, Inc., because those guys specialize in the business of "Wouldn't it be cool if...." But I don't have any connections there (otherwise, I'd have a job there, dammit!!!). If I had paid attention all those years ago, when my dad was trying to teach me how to write code, I might be able to do it myself now.  Of course, if I learned how to write code back in the mid-80s, I'd be living in the Silicon Valley, living off my Microsoft dividends.

Woulda, coulda, shoulda....

Anyway, I haven't given up.  There are still plenty of programming fish in the sea.  I'd happily give up the idea, just to have someone invent it so I can use it.

That's pretty much what I came here to say today.

I'll be posting later on the current NaNoWriMo adventure, if you'd care to follow me. Of course, if I don't gestate an idea between now and then, I may have nothing but 50,000 words of stream of consciousness. Which could be an interesting creative take in its own self.

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  1. Okay well then THERE is your story. Go sci-fi on our ass. Here is what i do when I go camping. In fact I just did this last weekend around a (bone ass cold) fire. I look someone in the eye and I say What is the biggest opportunity you have missed and how might things look had you taken it. What are you wearing, who are you married to, what do your kids look like. Stuff like that. People verbally write novels everyday. Just don't think of it as such. Be like Carry on Sex in the City. Start it with a thought to ponder.


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