Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Just a Little Note of Reminder about the SCOTUS

About the current goings on in SCOTUS right now... I'd like to remind everyone that they all need to take a pill, have a nap and calm the hell down.  You cannot necessarily determine how the Court is going to vote based on the questions asked or the silly, ridiculous statements of a few of the older, crazier, dumber members of the Court.  I draw your attention to National Federation Of Independent Business Et Al. v. Sebelius, Secretary Of Health And Human Services, Et Al., the case that was supposed to scuttle the Affordable Care Act.  SCOTUSblog was predicting that, based on questions asked by the justices during arguments, the mandate portion of the Act would be ruled unconstitutional, thereby taking the teeth out of Affordable Care.  Fox News jumped all over that, and we mocked them for it.

They were wrong.  So, do not believe a single thing anyone writes, says, interprets or predicts based on certorarai or oral arguments.  We have NO idea what the ruling will be on either DOMA or on Prop 8.  So, pour yourself a Scotch (or a Ginger Ale), sit in a comfy chair and catch up on those back episodes you missed of WALKING DEAD… or better still, catch Jim Beaver in JUSTIFIED this season.   It's a good, good season.

The decisions will come down when they come down, they will be what they will be, and creating a mythology about it is useless and defeating.

Breathe, people.... just breathe....

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  1. You speak and I understand - the language of facts! Proud to be a fan. Lolita


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