Monday, August 19, 2013

The Whole Truth, and Nothing But.

I got this email today from Paul Hogarth at Daily Kos:

"Catharine, join Daily Kos and CREDO by urging McDonald’s to stop cheating its workers by paying them with fee-laden debit cards, even when the workers ask for checks. Click here to sign our petition.

We all know that McDonald’s pays its employees poverty wages. McDonald’s even admitted this, when it recently and infamously advised its workers to take a second job to pay the bills.

But it gets worse. Now, they’re paying workers in “payroll cards”—which charge $1.50 for each ATM withdrawal, and numerous other transaction fees. If employees ask to be paid with a check, McDonald’s refuses.

What is next, paying them in gift cards?

Join Daily Kos and CREDO by signing our petition to McDonald’s President & CEO Don Thompson and Chair Andrew McKenna, demanding that they cease the practice of paying with fee-laden debit cards.

Keep fighting,
Paul Hogarth, Daily Kos"

This has been happening more and more these days.  We have seen fit to respond to Wacko Right-wing bat-shittery with our own bat-shittery on the Left.  More and more, in HuffPost, and on Facebook, on blogs that I have long admired and respected, there is a newly borne tendency from political writers who hang out on my side of the yard to take on the the craziness that's going on on the other side, and try and match it.

Here was my response to Paul, where I try to set the record somewhat straight:

"Dear Paul -
This email is a tad misleading. 

First off, although I'll be the first to admit that McD's pays slave wages, the implication that paying employees wtih fee-laden debit cards is a corporate policy is misleading and inaccurate.  In fact, there are certain areas in the country where doing so is expressly forbidden by law. Each McDonald's franchise handles its own employee relations, including payroll and disbursement, and operates (one hopes) inside the laws of the cities, counties and states where it does business.  So if it is permissible to pay employees with debit cards that charge them for accessing their pay, then the solution, it would seem, is NOT to waste time signing a petition directed at McDonald's Corporate,  which has little power over currently operating franchises and their payroll practices, but rather at the state and local lawmakers for allowing this abomination in the first place.

Secondly, there is much craziness in America politics today.  Our government -- on all levels -- is, every day, a living, breathing textbook demonstration of Newton's Second Law, as it cascades more and more from what little order ever existed there into a pool of chaos, disunity and confusion. 

We do not help by stirring the pot with our own brand of lefty looniness.  We need to hold steady, keep our wits about us, and continue to speak sense in the face of the nonsense and gibberish coming from the other side.  This is, I believe, what Mr. Kipling meant when he talked about keeping one's head while those around one are losing theirs. 

Let's keep our heads, people.  Let's keep our heads, and keep our eyes on the ball, and put our passion and our energy where it will affect the most change.  Spending our precious energy and effort in a scatter-shot, ill-targeted movement does no one any good, especially not workers who must work at places like McDonald's to keep from starving.

Step back.  Look at the Big Picture.  Breathe.  Then, tell the truth. The absolute truth, without embellishment or creative license.

This is the key to our survival, as a Party, and as a country.

Thanks for letting me share."

And thank you, dear readers for letting me share this with you.

Now go forth and smother Crazy with the Pillow of Truth!!!


  1. Why must you always be so rational and reasonable?... Thanks for thinking before writing.

    1. Hey, listen... when I'M the most rational, reasonable one in the room... me? With the huge mouth and no edit function? You KNOW the country's in trouble.

      But thanks for the thanks.


  2. Thank you for bringing clarity to what at best is a dim if not completely darken situation. I agree whole heartedly with your assessment, and your recommendations.

    Perhaps, in the great chasm of American politics, those of us set to the left, might keep our little lights burning brightly, and guard quite carefully, just what gets illuminated, what gets warmed, and of course, what gets scorched! At best, we need to guard the few remaining embers, couched away for those that may come along later, and find themselves in dire need of the energy, warmth, and the illumination, - lest they discover that we wasted our all trying to set the asbestos woven Republican political agenda on fire!



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