Friday, February 14, 2014

A Valentine Love Story

I have been feeling particularly open to Valentine's Day this year -- not sure why, and I'm not sure I care why.  I thought, instead of my amorphous Seneca quote cover page, I'd take at least Friday - the actual day - to have a true, hearts-and-flowers, HappyValentine-y image for my cover photo.

So I set about Google to find just the one that made me smile.  The sheer number of Valentine's images on any search engine is staggering, let me tell you.  And many of them are cartoons and teddy bears (no, thanks), flowery sentiments (I'd rather not this year, if you don't mind), and images of Edward and Bella (still? seriously?) in hearts looking longingly at each other (do vampires get to celebrate Valentine's Day, I ask myself).  

Then I happened on a quiet little image from a Valentine promotion that a pub was doing last year - some special giveaway on Valentine's night during Happy Hour.  Aha, I thought.  This might be just the thing.  It was abstract, red on a colorful background, looking very much like a painting.  No slogans. No teddy bears. No vampires (thank the gods).   It was different.

Yet... also... familiar... 

I opened it up to full-sized in the browser and took a better look.  My eye was immediately drawn to the signature in the lower left hand corner.

"Sowards '01"

Yep.  I made it, twelve years ago, using an old iteration of UltraFractal and a filter program by Alien Skin called Snap Art.  I had it posted on an art blog a while ago.  Someone must have lifted it from there for their own use.  (Just a little reminder this Valentine's Day when you're considering posing in front of a digital camera for your Significant Other in that new negligee... Relationships come and go, but the interwebs is forever, kids.)

It still holds up, by golly.  I love art, and I also love the internet - both for reasons that are different, yet familiar.  

Happy Valentine's Day, my peeps.  I love you all.

(CORRECTION: I believe the filter program I used was Eye Candy, not Snap Art.)

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