Monday, March 28, 2016

My Own Personal “Yes”

Okay, sooo.....

As those of you who are my Fitbit buddies know - especially if you’ve challenged me to a “step-off” lately - my old Fitbit Flex, that I’ve been wearing pretty steadily for the past 2 years, is kind of on its way out... it won't hold a charge for long, it keeps disconnecting from Bluetooth... it's tired.

I was on Amazon, shopping for a new one, and debating between the old Fitbit (which is now $80), and a newer model, that measures heart rate (which my nutritionist is telling me, while not necessary, is probably a good thing for me).

I was flipping back and forth between the two models, reading the descriptions, mulling the options ($80 vs. $145), and then I realized it was lunch time, so I saved both to my "Saved for Later" list.

Or so I thought.

After lunch, I got an email alert that my fancy-schmancy, plum-colored Fitbit Charge HR was wending its way to me even as I munched my salad.  Apparently, I'd inadvertently clicked "Buy with 1 click" during my comparison.  Which is really no big deal, because we all know that Amazon Prime has an awesome return policy.

Except I was listening at lunch to Shonda Rhimes' memoir, "The Year of Yes", and she just happened to have spent the entire lunch hour whispering in my ear about how fortuitous happenstance blended with opportunity to offer her many chances to expand her world (and shrink her waistline), and how she had vowed to spend a year saying "yes" to everything that scared her.

And it occurs to me that, while I'd love to spend the money on something else more fun... the old Fitbit was my constant cheerleader and nagging trainer, refusing to let me lie to myself, refusing to back up any of the lies I told other people ("At LEAST, 10,000 steps today... maybe even 12,000". Liar, says Fitbit... you barely broke 9K today.)

So, on Friday, my new plum-colored Fitbit Charge HR will show up, and I will buckle it on (this one buckles) and sync it up, and I will put my little Flex unit in the drawer for a long nap, which it's earned.

I'm saying "yes" to the Fitbit, to the walking, to the salads, and all that it entails.


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