Monday, May 01, 2017

The Next, Best, Worst, Maybe-Just-Not-So-Great-But-What-Do-We-Know Dalai Lama

Could it be that, because we're all fired up about Tibet, we have inadvertently become over-attached to a process by which we are selecting the literal poster child for non-attachment? Let us take ourselves and our big, gigantic, know-it-all egos out of this for a moment and reflect.

Suppose this entire process is unfolding exactly as it is meant to? Suppose that, no matter who does the submitting or selecting or entitling, the person who is intended to be the next Dalai Lama is chosen, precisely as intended by the Universe?

What if, for just a minute, we set aside our worldly anger, bitterness, confusion, and righteous indignation, and assume -- for just an instant -- that the Universe is more vast and intentional than we can even imagine, and understand that, no matter who the Dalai Lama is, and no matter who selects him/her, that the world moves on OUR love, and OUR intention, and OUR faith, and OUR compassion.

Raging against the politics of the selection of a spiritual leader that represents the letting go of things over which we have no control, over acceptance of worldly things as just that -- worldly, and thereby transient -- is the epitome of irony.

One of two things will happen here, folks. Either the exact person who is meant to be the Dalai Lama is chosen the Dalai Lama... OR... another person will step into the light and fill the void. Either way, there isn't a person here, or on Twitter, or on Facebook who can control the outcome of this, no matter how rageful, fearful, bitter, or violent they choose to be.

To paraphrase the current Dalai Lama...

"Chill, dudes."

(Or words to that effect.)


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